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0/10 for garden design for me!!



  • Hostafan, 100% excellent advice, some of the best plants here are the cheapies, lots of seed grown stuff, dahlia merckii, bupleurum longifolia, echinacea pallida, morina longifolia, lythrums, phlox, monardas, aconitums, foxgloves, hardy geraniums, keep splitting them for more stock, only cost a few pence each, but not instant.

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    Richard, you'll make me blush. 

  • Chloe, they are Moorheim Beauty, another good orange form that we use here is Sahins Early Flowerer.

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    Chloe, in the hot areas we use some of these orange lilies, they are about 5 ft tall, bright orange with black spots, vulgar looking but everyone who sees them likes them. they seed around a lot, not difficult to pull up and are July to September flowering.

    If you, or anyone else, want some of the bulbils to grow on, easy to germinate, please shout.

  • Oh, and they don't need staking.

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