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Zinnias, Hot Mix from GW 2015

mousekinmousekin Posts: 28

Had a freebie pkt of seeds last year from Gardeners World   Hot Mix?  growing like a veritable weed, not a flower in sight, Anyone else grow these ??


  • NanniemoNanniemo Posts: 223

    I did last year, all but one got eaten by slugs! Having said that, I loved the one that managed to flower and bought a different variety of zinnia seeds this year and they've done very well image

  • mousekinmousekin Posts: 28

    OK,imageimage finally got to see Dad's "Zinnias" up close, Facetime wont work in the garden!   Think the problem of why the Zinnias haven't flowered !  They look like some kind of vine weed , any thoughts anyone?

  • Oh wow, mine are more like 2ft (if that) I have maybe 3 flowers out of 7 or 8 plants, they arent doing particularly fab and are in sun most of the day. I think ill miss out on them next year. 

  • mousekinmousekin Posts: 28

    Thanks Allotment Lady but am sure they arent Zinnias, Good luck with yours!

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