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Dahlia / bulb bed

AHRAHR Posts: 361


I currently have a flower bed full of Dahlias. When I lift these to store for winter I'm going to plant a mix of Spring flowering bulbs some early and some late. 

my question in when would be the latest time I can replant the dahlias when the bulbs are finished? Is it ok to replant the dahlias mid may - june. 

I normally replant  the dahlias at the end of Apri. And they do a fantastic job flowering from mid june to October. 

Many thanks 



  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,537

    If you have tulips the later ones will still be in flower till the end of May (even later where I live!) and they then need several weeks for the leaves to die down, unless you are just dumping them. Daffodils and most of the smaller bulbs will come up happily year after year, but tulips can be temperamental. It helps to plant them really deep.

    One solution might be to look at your dahlia tubers when you lift them and select a suitable size black plastic pot for each one. Then you can sink the pots in the border as place savers where you want the dahlias to go, and plant your bulbs in between.

    If you do plant the dahlias a bit later they will be fine, you can bring them on in large pots and they romp away when the weather is a bit warmer. I can't plant much earlier than this anyway, as there is still a frost risk here, and have had them flowering quite happily in the greenhouseimage I usually start mine on the spare room windowsills for a bit of warmth, pot them up as they start shooting and move them to the (cold) greenhouse when the shoots are a decent size.

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