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Is this a honeysuckle?

Beginner gardener. 

This is growing on our side of the fence on a bush, and it seems to have honeysuckle flowers on it as well as bright red berries.

It's lovely and I'd love to have it growing in my garden on my side.  Can I take cutting?

I have a vaigue idea how to do this, I have just no idea if it would work.

Also is it too late to take cuttings from a Salvia, large blue flowers?



  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,537

    The honeysuckle, I would layer a long bit. Peg a long shoot on to the ground using a bit of wire or a hair pin. It should grow roots from the bits that touch the ground. Mine does anyway. Then when it has adequate roots you can separate it from the parent and plant it where you like.

     The salvia with large blue flowers is possibly Salvia patens. If you look in the calyx left after the flowers drop off, they often have four largish seeds. When they are brown, collect them and sow next spring. When the plants are at the end of the first summer, they will grow small tubers like a dahlia. Lift and keep frost free for the winter, or collect seed and regrow from seed. I do both, the overwintered ones flower first, and new ones from seed flower later in the year. They are frost tender.

  • Thank you very much. I'll have to hang plant pots in the tree to root the honeysuckle!  

  • Thank you, aym280.  Snips at the ready then :)

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