Just seen a hedgehog in the garden!



  • We've made a hedgehog feeding station.

    A plastic box with lid, bigger than A4, cut a 4 inch square hole in one of the short sides. Cover curt edges with duct tape or similar to protect hogs going in and out.

    Line bottom with paper, and put bowls of cat food and water in. Put on lid and weigh it down with a brick to stop large animals getting in. 

    Meal worms are good, but they can get addicted to them according to a hedgehog rescue lady!  

    The large one was round at about 2 am, it was clanging cat bowls around outside my bungalow bedroom window!

    Perhaps it won't wake me up tonight. 

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    Celadonsusan is exactly right image mealworms are good as treats but are somewhat junk food for hogs. Meat flavoured cat biscuits in a feeding station is best, I put mine against the shed with a brick on top. The cat biscuits help clean their teeth, whilst sugary foods will rot them. Obviously no milk or bread. Sunflowers hearts and chopped peanuts are an alternative, certain fruits on occasion - no grapes.

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    Hedgehog feeding station

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  • I may try sunflower seeds or chopped peanuts - thanks for the info mark - no wonder the hedgehogs kept coming back so keenly - giving them such a nice treat as mealworms must be like giving children sweets or chocolate - they just want more and more!

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