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Help with my Clematis

paula09paula09 Posts: 2

Hi. Im a newbie to gardening and would like some advice please.

I have 2 Clematis and at the weekend when I went round garden doing the weeding I accidently cut a stem and now the purple Clematis flowers are dying.

Is it to early to chop them both down and they are intermingled together.

Also not sure where to cut?

If someone could help a novice I would be most greatful P☺


  • No, don't worry, they will be fine.  Just throw away the stem that you have accidentally severed, if you can then post the names of your clematis on this thread, we will be able to tell you when to prune them.

  • paula09paula09 Posts: 2

    Hi Richard.  Thanks for reply.

    Sorry not sure of name but will add picture

    Thank you Paula

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