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Dahlias - Bishop's Children

Has anyone grown Bishop's Children?  Are they tubers or seeds? I have Bishop of Llandaff which we grew from tubers and would like to try Children next year - does anyone have photos of them please?



  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,527

    Bishops children are seeds taken off of the named Bishops series of dahlias. if you want Bishop of York, or Llandaff, then you have to buy tubers. Bishops children seed can give a large variety of colours of single flowers on dark leaves.

  • Ah, now I understand - thanks for explaining fidgetbones. We have Bishop of Llandaff, which I am very pleased with - none of the leaves have been nibbled unlike my other dahlias, and the bees love the flowers.  We are in quite a windy area, but these BofL flowers have survived very well here. I wonder how difficult it is to grow the children from seed.

  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 9,971

    I grew bishops children this year and found them very easy.

    They grew strongly, I planted them out early June and the slugs thoroughly enjoyed most of them.
    I've got a few that managed to get through and they are lovely. The strong flower colours compliment the dark foliage so well.
    I'll grow again next year, depending on the slug forecast image

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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,527

    I grew them from seed, and lined them out the first year. They flowered late the first year, then I saved the best colours as tubers, now the tubers are huge after three years, I grow them on in florists buckets with holes in the bottom before planting out.

  • Did you collect or buy the seed for the Children? I am very tempted to grow some of these plants next year.

  • wakeshinewakeshine Posts: 967

    It's amazing that you've grown tubers from seeds. Are the seeds big? I am doing this with amaryllis seeds - but it will take 5 years to get a bulb lol. It sounds like the Children of Bishop are faster growers.

    I wish I had a Bishop of Llandaff. You're all so lucky. I thought I'd bought one - it was labelled as such but it's flowered and seems to be B.Dover...image

  • chickychicky Posts: 10,323

    I grew them a couple of years ago from a bought packet of seeds (they became slug fodder, so didn't bother againimage).....I sowed in early spring in a windowsill propagator - and gave them the same treatment as other perennials from seed, except you get flowers the first year.  They were pretty easy.

    Not sure if this works for collected seed too?

  • Lou12Lou12 Posts: 1,149

    I almost never grow anything from seed but I did do dahlias one year and it was very easy, they were fine plants.

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