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Vinca minor and Camellia in same pot?

ripplyripply Posts: 73

The camellia is in a very large pot and currently has some annuals in with it but they seem to be fading now. I've got a vinca minor in another pot and was wondering if it would be OK to put them together. It would look nice with the vinca trailing over the sides but I don't want it to slow down the growth of the camellia (which seems to be taking forever anyway). Is this a good idea? 


  • ripplyripply Posts: 73

    My vinca isn't the variegated one, it's all green leaves. I've got 5 pots of it now as I split up the first plant and they've all grown well. It was bought to cover a rough part of the garden but plans have changed and now I don't really have a use for it. It looks quite pretty though. 

    The camellia is in a big tub in the front garden. It measures about 35x50cm. The plant itself is only about 14 inches high so it looks lost on its own. The camellia matters much more to me than the vinca so I wouldn't want to risk anything, though I guess I could just keep an eye on the vinca and see what happens.

    Would it be better to add more annuals? Or, are there any other plants that would suit being with the camellia and look nice? Will the camellia grow better if I just have it on its own? I thought it was bad to have a small plant in a big pot which is why I added the annuals, but the camellia isn't really growing much at all. It looks healthy, just still very small. 

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  • ripplyripply Posts: 73

    Verdun, I've actually ordered two lithodora heavenly blue after you suggested them on a previous thread. I had planned to put them with my azalea which is in an identical tub to this camellia, though I guess they could go with either. 

    I tried some bulbs but I didn't really like them in containers. Though I haven't tried cyclamen yet which might be nice. 

    I'm wondering if it's bad to keep disturbing the camellia (or any container plant) when I add annuals? 

  • ripplyripply Posts: 73

    I've got some polyanthus firecracker arriving soon. I thought they were an annual but now I've read that they are perennial. Would two of these go well with the Camellia? Or would they be too invasive? 

  • ripplyripply Posts: 73

    Thank you Verdun.

    I was looking up white lithodoras and found one called 'Pete's favourite'. It's really lovely. I think I'll add one of those along with the heavenly blue to the azalea tub. I'll see how the polyanthus look with the camellia. 

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