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Young magnolia

We have a young magnolia which after a year didn't appear to be thriving too well so I have put it into a pot with ericaceous soil.  Since putting it into the pot the leaves are now turning a yellow/brown colour.  Can any one suggest what may have happened. Thanks

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  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,223

    They do not need to be in ericaceous compost as they prefer just slightly acid or neutral conditions. The compost may be too acid for them. Some Magnolias actually prefer alkaline soils.

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  • JuneJacJuneJac Posts: 16

    Oh right, it actually says on the bag that it was suitable for magnolias but will change the soil in the hope it helps. Thank you ?

  • Hi, I had a magnolia spicata tree which grew well in my old garden and the soil type was clay. If I remember rightly it took a couple of years to establish itself

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