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Problem with moss on lawn

Hello, i'm about 3 weeks into treatment to remove moss from my lawn using Mo Bacter. There's a fair amount of moss and the treatment has started to leave patches of soil. Once the moss is completely gone, how should I go about replanting grass seed? Also given the time of year and the fact I'll be moss free at the end of August will I see the results this year?


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    Hi Joe. September is a good time to sow grass seed, which you can do on the bald patches where the moss has been removed. Mix whichever grass seed you choose with a little sharp sand. This is not totally necessary but when you scatter the mix you can see where you have been. The soil will (hopefully) still be warm and there should be plenty of moisture there too. Moss is often indicative of an underlying problem such as poor drainage so in the Spring go over the grass - leaving out the seeded areas and use a hollow tine fork to aerate the lawn. Sweep some sharp sand over the lawn to fill in the holes.

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