How to use my kitchen food waste

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I have a kitchen compost bin that now has enough recycled waste to put to use. The only thing I really need to know is this ..... I don't have a garden but only a balcony! I have a few late summer plants to pot up. Can this be used in pots? And if so would I mix it into the soil or put it at the bottom of pot where the drainage grit is? If this can be done that's great to hear. Also, are there any other ways I can use it effectively ie, with seeds, veg etc bearing in mind I only have pots to work with? I would gratefully appreciate any sound advice by you guys in the know!

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    Hi flowerbomb. Can you tell me about your kitchen compost bin? Is it inside or outside? I only ask as I have a small kitchen compost bin, lined with a biodegradable liner, which gets put into my Council green bin to be taken away. Unless its just vegetable peelings etc. when it goes into my garden compost bin. I cannot visualise what you mean. For compost to be usable it requires a time to completely break down and I cannot imagine keeping compost in a bin in a kitchen until that happens.

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    Does your Council collect Food Waste or does it all go in the general waste to land-fill?

    No, you cannot put compost ingredients straight on plants.  It will smell and attract flies.  Better to send it away and buy council compost if they do it.  Or set up a wormery.  You can do that on a balcony.

  • Hi Lady and Welshonion,

    I thought I would let you know that after doing some research on the web I realise now that a) as you say Ladybird, the compost is a process that takes time and b) Yes there are ways you can do this in a small apartment or on balconies but I have decided I am not going to do it. As you say Welshonion, I could have a wormery on balcony but to be honest I have my balcony looking so lovely and I love spending time on there, whether it be pottering about planting, pruning or having a glass of wine whilst enjoying the view of the Thames. For now, I want to enjoy my flowers and lovely view and think, well, at least after a painful relationship split - Even without a garden I am lucky enough to be where I am at all.

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    Concentrate on yourself and keep it simple for your plants. Successful composting would be virtually impossible to achieve in your situation.

    When you get a proper garden in future it'll be different  image

    Good luck to you flowerbomb image

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    Bless you Kirsten. You enjoy your balcony - oh and the vino of course! Liz x

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  • Thank you for your comments guys, much appreciated 

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