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Pruning Lavender border that hasn't been pruned for a year


this is my first post here - wondering if anyone can help. I'm staying in Italy and pruning back a big lavender border that doesn't look like it's been pruned for a year. 

I've made a start, but am I safe to prune right down to the base of the plant? There's lots of dead leaves and wood down there... 

I don't want to kill it - it's not my garden but a house I'm looking after! Theres a good 10m of lavender around the garden - apprehensive to say the least! 

Grazie xx


  • chickychicky Posts: 10,325

    Lavender wil not regrow from old wood, so you should only prune down to where you can see growth - ie not down to the dead wood and leaves.  Because of that it is notoriously difficult to rejuvenate a lavender hedge once it has got out of hand - many people just grub them up and start again - they grow pretty quickly.  Probably not an option if you are only a visitor, but worth suggesting to the owners.

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