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Dying Dahlias

I have been gardening dahlias for over 10 years. Each fall after frost I dig up the bulbs or tubers, store in peat moss in a dry basement. each year they have multipied to the point of digging up 10-12 large cardboard boxes. This year they started great, flowered early, and now whole binches are dying. the first step is the plant lies down like something played down on them. They then slowly wilt, looking like drought stress but this is not the case. That are in very fertile soil and are treated with bone meal. Why are they dying off this year?


  • mushermusher Posts: 389

    Morning Bob, Just an idea. Could the problem  lye with the tuber i.e some form of rot. Some parasite boring in to the tubers. Or have you been spraying weed killer near by.

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