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Sunflower Strangeness

Hi Folks.

Heres one for you... A couple of months ago, one of my giant sunflower 'teenagers' snapped in the wind at around about 2 feet tall. Amazingly, it was robust enough to heal itself and has blossomed into a 12 foot mammoth, with only a well healed scar to show for it. 

However, this being the intriguing thing is - yesterday whilst tieing-in the new growth I noticed that this particular plant has around 8 Heads of flower. I know that there are several multi-headed varieties, but all my sunflowers have been grown from seed and from the same species (Giant Single). 

I have never come across this is all my years of growing. Is it possible that the traumer sustained when relatively young has somehow caused a mutation? 

I am truly baffled and would love to hear your thoughts/opinions on this. Has anyone ever experienced this? 


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 26,974

    not a mutation. It's what happens when stems are cut, they produce several to replace the one

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