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Sunflower - drying


i'm having trouble with with sunflower plant in my garden - got them from local garden stores and it is drying within a week in my garden.. (see photos attached).

Plants are kept outdoor in garden where it gets at least 6hrs of sunshine. Watering only when the soil is dry. 
Got the plants from different stores, and all of them are drying - so i reckon it is something i'm not managing it correctly. 

i have try to keep it in same pot and also tried to re-pot to bigger one but no joy.. any help will be much appreciated. 





  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,210

    Well sadly the top two appear dead to me. There is a great deal of top space in those pots indicating a relatively shallow compost underneath so maybe it was just too shallow for the sunflowers. Ideally the compost should be within 2cm of the top with the sunflowers given a greater depth of compost below if you haven't room in your garden for them. I would tip out the healthy plant and put more compost in the pot and then replant the sunflower so that it is higher up. Water and feed regularly.

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  • Thanks for the suggestion.  i have repotted the plant and given more depth for root to grow..

    one question, i have used only compost to pot the plan - is that ok? or should i mix compost with top-soil?

    the reason i'm asking is, when i checked the pot, even though soil surface is dry, plant root were soggy - so i don't know if plant died due to over watering !! :(  

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,163

    multi-purpose composts are very variable but some are poor at draining. It's hard to tell what a plant died of sometimes.

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  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,210

    It may seem pretty obvious but have your plant pots got drainage holes in them? If so have you put broken pots or similar over the drainage holes so that they don't get blocked up with compost and excess water can drain away quickly.

    Over watering has the same symptoms as underwatering i.e. when over watered the plant can droop badly and often gardeners think that they are thirsty and pour on more water. The plant then drowns.

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  • Hi.. yes, these pots have holes to drain excess water - i have repotted them now topped up the soil. finger crossed..

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