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Summer flowering jasmine

Hello can anyone help me please? I have a summer flowering jasmine that has gone mad this year! We need to paint the fence that it has grown against and are wondering if it will die back so that we can get the painting dine.  I don't want to harm the jasmine as she is beautiful. 


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,149

    It won't die back of its own accord (unless it is unwell) so you will have to cut the plant back in order to access the fence.

    This quote is from the RHS site.

    "If the plant has outgrown its allotted space, cut back hard to within 60cm (2ft) of the base. Re-growth will be vigorous, so select strong shoots for training into the new framework, and remove unwanted shoots. The plant will take two or three years to start flowering again."

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