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Looking For Low Height & Maintenance Border Plant

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we have approximately a 3' width between the front garden timber fence and the tarmac footpath outside. In the past tall Fusia grew there until a cold snap a few years ago, then brambles and other weeds largely took over.

We would like to replace the remaining Fusia with a shrub or heather, and the objectives are,

1. discourage dogs from visiting, something our neighbours experience with a grass border,

2. low height : below car driver eye level (say 3' max.) so as not to obstruct the view of the road when exiting. At 12" - 24" the fence would be a feature,

3. low maintenance : if the plant grows above 3' then it should be slow growing for ideally only one or two trims a year.

4. be hardy : we live near the windy west coast of Ireland on a (~60') hill facing south with an estuary within about 400m so there is generally a lot of rainfall. As in many places however weeks of mostly sun with no rain, can occur, as can ice in winter.

Some colour would be a bonus. Do low heathers exist that can be trimmed to 12" - 24" each year ?

Thank you.



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  • I only trim my Ericas every two years and they only grow to about 18". They don't need very acid soil, so as long as yours isn't very alkaline they should do well.

  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,280

    I'd go for euonymus which can be kept as a low hedge and looks good all year. If you fancy a few thorns to deter dogs, berberis is great.

    This RHS site has loads of info on heights etc.

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