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Damson fruit

Hi Everyone,

I have two Damson trees in my garden and I'm wondering when I can pick the fruit? I want to make Damson Jam or Damson Gin.

The two trees although very close to each other seem to be at different stages with the fruit. I'm not sure if I should just pick everything off both trees or wait until all the fruit is purple?

Also some fruit appears to have a fungus or mould forming, should I discard this fruit or is it still fine to make Damson Gin with?

ow and what is the sap like substance on the Damsons is that harmless or should I avoid using that fruit?

Picture below :)




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  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    If "sap" appears on the fruit it can also be a sign of wasps feasting on the fruit.

  • KweeglyKweegly Posts: 104

    Thanks for the replies, I will discard the ones with the spots in the council bin and pick the rest. Just to confirm they are ripe when all purple, I don't have to wait for them to be purple and soft as an example? and the sappy ones are fine to use?

  • KweeglyKweegly Posts: 104

    Thanks :)

    Maggots, you've just set my OCD into overdrive now, i'm going to have to inspect every one haha.

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