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New Fairy garden

so its my daughters 2nd birthday next week and aswell as the normal gifts I also have started on a fairy garden

this is what i have setup so far with fake grass patch next to the main lawn, giving an area she can play.  I have an extra proper small fairy house to add, windmill and some fairies and picket fence

but thinking i should really add a couple of mini plants, any ideas on plants or any other additions to the plan??

maybe some mini plants on the left and right edges overlapping the plum slate?  cut a hole in the grass etc to plant




  • ive also got some mini plastic trees to go in so i need to be careful i dont fill it up as want it to be a play space

    so maybe pop up garden centre the weekend and aim for one small flower plant to go on the right pushing up against the large pot, maybe another mini on the left.  i can replace them each year if need be

    pics to come when finished

  • My daughter and I grew some dwarf Dahlias from seed and I left one in a pot in her bedroom until it flowered.  She quite enjoyed seeing it growing and eventually flowering.  Once it flowered I put it outside near her play area so she can see it every time she's out there.  I think she got most enjoyment seeing the plant grow rather than by having it fully grown in the garden, so maybe you could do something like that instead of planting something already flowering bought from a garden centre, the actual plant variety then becomes less relevant.

    I thought something with only one or two flowers (initially) would be best as it offers more of a focal point.  Maybe this year you still have time to get hold of a late flowering clematis you could climb up her play house. Perhaps measure her height against it as it grows and eventually flowers.

    Failing all of that, pop along to Homebase and checkout the bargain bin for something small that's still flowering!

  • Pink lilyPink lily Posts: 175

    what about some glow in the dark pebbles to make a wee path from the fairy houses image

  • Aster2Aster2 Posts: 629

    Alpine strawberries?

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 58,786

    How lovely image

    I think it would be great to have something with really big flowers or leaves at the back (sunflower or fatsia come to mind) to accentuate the difference in scale - it would make the fairy garden look really tiny image

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  • agreed something large behind, i will see whats around, one of the reasons i added the grass.

    going to add some drift wood bits at the back also i think

    will see what happens and thanks for suggestions

  • Oh my that is so cute!  What an awesome space!!

    Thats a great idea Dove!  

    What about some creeping thyme, if she ventures onto the border then a lovely thyme fragrance will be realised and it's hard wearing enough for a little light traffic.  Not sure though if it will swamp other plants - maybe someone has some experience of growing it?! 

  • Andy LeedsAndy Leeds Posts: 512

    Dunno about plants but maybe a fairy door could go against the shed? :-)

  • fairy door is going in the large apple tree that is a few foot in front of this space

  • this will do for now, ill add some flowered plants to edges and something to the back next year, feel its too late unless i find some bargains

    birthday weekend so wanted the play area finished



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