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Anniversary with meaning


13 years today, I lost my precious niece. She always said that she wanted to come back as a butterfly. Yesterday in the garden a butterfly landed on one of my plants. I managed to actually stroke the butterfly. To me that felt so lovely and a comfort to me. It was as if my beautiful niece was with me in my garden. Hence the reason for all the flowers that I grow, I want to hopefully draw more butterflies into the garden, and each one (in my mind), will be my lost very much loved niece.


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  • Pink lilyPink lily Posts: 175

    Glad that brought you comfort.  Isn't it odd the things that can make you feel better about loss!    Every time i'm in my garden and think about my Grampa, a fat wee Robin Red Breast bird shows up in the  and follows me about.  I like to think its him re-incarnated and he's visiting to make sure im doing it right image

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