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Tomato Plant Allergy?

Hi Everyone,

I have an itch all over after watering the tomato plants in my greenhouse. I get an itching feeling like hundreds of thunder flies are on my skin and this does not seem to matter whether I touch the plants or not. I have tried with various magnifying glasses to locate what definitely feel like microscopic bugs on my skin but have never found anything. It only seems to affect the exposed parts of my body i.e. arms, legs head etc never get a feeling under clothes socks trousers shirt etc.... thats why I had the ides that it actually was a tiny bug of some sort - never get anything like it outside the greenhouse or in other parts of the garden - the greenhouse for most part is closed off and a relatively separate atmosphere which (again my thoughts) could be an environment where something either flies or microscopic parasites could thrive. Some of the comments on here also make sense - an allergy to something in the plants maybe a component that is in the air in enough quantity due to the closed environment such that it can "land" on my exposed skin?? Tomatoes do have a rather pungent aroma on a hot day in a greenhouse. Although I am not really affected by this nor am I concerned that it is a major health issue I would appreciate any further thoughts.


  • BLTBLT Posts: 525

    You obviously have some kind of reaction. Its no good my saying wear gloves etc as you say its all exposed skin. So it must be airborne, Spores of something maybe??

    What else are you growing in there apart from Tomatoes, only I itch if I touch cucumber leaves...

    Your reaction sounds like Urticaria aka Hives.. Strawberry can have the same effect..

    Antihistamine cream seems like a plan..

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  • LelondoLelondo Posts: 1

    Hi David481,

         Even though I'm sorry you suffer the same discomfort as me, when watering the garden.  I'm happy you posted your experience, which I found via "Safari" search I.e. Apple's version of Internet Explorer.

         Despite standing eight feet away from plants in garden (melons, string bean, peppers, and TOMATOES).  I get extremely itchy after watering garden.  Aren't we happy it goes away a little while after washing our skin.

         It boggles my mind, this delema happens even when there's no wind, and I'm standing eight feet (8') away.  Nevertheless, I'm not only thankfull to read your posting' I'm thankfull it was posted on a website I didn't know about, GARDENERSWORLD.COM.  Thanks to you, I've been able to become a member of that site, and am looking forward to whatever gardening tips I may learn.

         "BLT" reply has a relief I never would have thought of, and will consider it' however; for me, itching seams to go away in a 1/2 hr. Simply by washing.  Nevertheless, you may laugh at this, that itching sensation is so uncomfortable, I'm thinking of smearing Vaseline over my skin before I water the garden.  Since have to was off those oils anyway, I my-as-well was off Vaseline, without suffering the itch.

    HAPPY Gardening!

  • I itch after I've picked runner beans, I think it's the fact that the leaves are slightly hairy.

    I also find some relief by rinsing my arms in cold water and wearing long sleeves before I pick. I'm glad you posted this delema I though it was just me.

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