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Camellia problem

I don't seem to be able to look back at past posts - has anyone else got this problem?  I am attaching a picture of a newish (been in garden 2 years) camellia which has grown some small round things like a tiny apple.  Can anyone tell me what, why and how get rid of them apart from cutting them off will they grow again. The plant looks reasonably healthy apart from these growths. Thank you.image


  • Problem?  It's a seed pod...

  • I've never seen one before.  We have four larger Camellia bushes/trees which are over 100 years old but they have never produced anything like this before Bob. There are 3 or 4 seed pods on this one young plant and I never realized that seed pods grew on Camellias either!

  • So has anyone tried to grow a Camellia from one of these seeds?  If so, how do I go about it?

  • I don't grow any Camellia so I can't offer up any experience but it sounds like your experience is that they aren't too common.  Just don't go thinking it's a real apple an gobbling it up!

    There's a bit about Propagation on the RHS website, it makes for slightly bleak reading (vs cuttings, anyway), but good luck if you try!

  • Thanks for the link Bob, yes a seed pod is an unusual occurrence in our garden anyway, I wonder if the newish plant is a female and the well established are male, but then surely there wouldn't be any flowers on them either - not sure.  However if the seed is successful it will take 6 - 8 years for the plant to produce it's first flowers - well perhaps the next generation will enjoy them just as we are enjoying the established camellias planted by my great, great grandfather all those years ago (1880's).

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