Support for jasmine and clematis


I am going to plant clematis and jasmine in pots and put them at the base of tall plastic leg supports of a veranda.  I am going to hang garden wire down from the top of the veranda for the plants to climb up, but I am struggling to work out how I am going to anchor the wires into pots.  Any ideas?




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    Hi Maria. Before you put anything into the pots tie the end of  the wire securely through the drainage holes (make sure you have plenty to stretch up to the veranda) then plant your pots up and unroll (I assume the garden wire is on a roll image) the wire and fasten it to the veranda. Keep it fairly taut.


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    Hi Maria. you'll need ample twine to allow stretch, advice above is perfect. Usually wire can be a pain, recommend using a stretchy twine. has a great product for that! 


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    Thanks all!

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