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Good evening,

Whenever trying anything new I find a great place to start is forums so here I am! 

Until moving into my own house I have never had a garden so am a complete novice when it comes to what to plant where and when. Despite this, me and my OH thought it would be a great idea to make a small planter and fill it with lovely looking plants, looked great for a while but most plants got too big and basically just fell over.

I think the problem was that the plants me and my OH were not suitable for the quite shallow planter we made.

I'm really just after some ideas as to what to plant in there to avoid it happening again. I have attached a photo of the planter as it is now

Any help greatly appreciated!!


  • Ant8Ant8 Posts: 3


    Ok now I have attached the photo....

  • Ant8Ant8 Posts: 3

    That is a great help, thank you very much :)

    We were so proud of it for the first couple of months then everything went mental and started to just look a bit (ok a lot!) messy, hence the pulling out of almost everything tonight!

  • AuntyRachAuntyRach Posts: 4,986

    You obviously like the 'tidy' look (for me a messy border is a success!) - so maybe go for plants with a neat habit. I think Hortico's suggestions are great. You need to think about the amount of sunlight the border receives also. You could go for a colour 'theme' too. Alpines and Heucheras might look good.

    My garden and I live in South Wales. 

    I like Busy Lizzies and the big bright tuberous Begonias, some of which will trail over the edge.  If it gets sun for most of the day, Gazanias are lovely and bright and an English Lavender would provide scent and attract bees.  I don't tend to do subtle colours, my summer beds are a riot of colour backed by various evergreen shrubs 

    For an evergreen touch you could have a look at the small-leaved Hebe or a Euonymus which would need pruning to size and shape.

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