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Hydrangea watering


i bought this plant 6 weeks ago and moved it from the pot to my garden 3 weeks ago. It was fine in the pot  

It seems to be dying of thirst since? If I water it heavily the bloom on the top right comes back to life but wilts again within 24 hrs. Where I live has been rainy enough as normal for the last few weeks and I have watered it regularly.

I planted it with compost bought from my normal garden centre. I didn't use manure which I read is required around the roots to contain water??

I have probably made some basic mistake. The plant is under shade from late afternoon but sees full sun prior to this. 

any tips? Should I move it back into the pot? 




  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,184

    Hi John. It may just be transplant stress so I would just carry on with the watering until the Hydrangea settles into its new position. I wouldn't put it back into the pot.

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  • John473John473 Posts: 62


    i think you might be right- I'll try what you are saying because I don't want to lose it - thanks


    its not responding really to the watering- I think I need more  

    thanks for the help- I'll let you know how it goes


  • My newly planted hydrangeas need watering every couple of days, otherwise they droop.  I dead head them as and when necessary, the flowers are lovely but it is not long before they are drooping.  However the older, and more established hydrangea bush (40 yrs +) rarely has any extra watering other than when has rained and is fed once or twice a year.

  • John473John473 Posts: 62

    I have tonight's attempt at reviving it done- used manure and mulching - the roots were completely matted together. Let's see how it goes. The soil that I dug up was wet- the plant was not absorbing any liquid. Let see if it improves- thanks 

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,038

    My experience of hydrangeas has been similar to that of Guernsey Donkey2.  In the first year I've had to water every couple of days, or they droop.  I've got one now in it's second year which is fine for a couple of weeks at a time and then goes into a sulk.  Give it a good drink and it's happy again - strange.

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,038
    Verdun says:

    No amount of watering will help if the roots are congested..........????? image

    See original post

     Agreed, but if the plant has survived in the garden for over a year, that 'behaviour' does seem odd to me.  I've never had similar problems with any other plant type.  I do always soak the plant well before planting and loosen the root ball if it's congested.  I actually had to use a mallet on one plant recently to loosen the roots, they were so tight.  Even that one hasn't drooped since planting (maybe it's too scared after that treatment image)

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