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What to grow after a Brazilian BBQ??

My other half had a Brazilian-style BBQ in our garden for his stag. It was fantastic (please see pics) but we now have a large patch of ash. As we'll probably be redoing the lawn next year i'd like to replant with something a bit different for now - wildflowers perhaps? Should i dig out some of the ash and add top soil before doing anything?

Any ideas would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!imageimage


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    Hi there. Looks like great fun - but poor garden! If you are wanting to grow wild flowers you need as poor a soil as you can possibly get so top soil is not a good idea. The ash (wood ash?) can be scraped off and stored as it can be spread on the garden in the Autumn. I would be tempted to create a circular flower bed where the fire has been. Pretty to look at from your decking and a sort of natural divide in the garden. If you have considered this possibility then please get back in touch and the Forum members can give you loads of great ideas for planting perennials for year yound colour and interest.

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    not true re the wild flowers needing poor soil. There are wild flowers for every kind of soil. Choose some to suit what you've got.

    I think the poor soil story comes from trying to make grass meadows. If grass is well fed it swamps all else so wild (or any other kind of flower) in grass does best if you have nutrient poor soil

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    It is too late in the year to be sowing seeds and expecting them to come this year.. Just scrape off the ash and make good until next year.. If you do want to make this a temporary bed until you redo the lawn next year, plant some winter pansies or such like as temporary fillers and to give you some colour.

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  • Thanks so much all! I'll collect the ash and look into some temporary planting around the outside at least. 

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