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photo of yellow headed daisy in my garden

clattnowclattnow Posts: 86


yellow headed daisy



  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,362


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  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,847

    I agree with punkdoc. Its still very pretty though.

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  • clattnowclattnow Posts: 86

    glad you like it. 

  • clattnowclattnow Posts: 86

    Looked it up and you are right it is a calendula the same family as the daisy family but yes different because the daisy has petals where as the calendula does not.  Calendulas in the past where used in making of cheeses also to help the blood and many more medicinal properties.  Most interesting.  Thank you for correcting me most helpful.   I have one more in my garden now.  I think very pretty I am proud to own it.

  • wakeshinewakeshine Posts: 967

    You're very lucky Clattnow. I love new to plants and gardening this year but Calendula are my one of favourite flowers.....I have a yellow one like yours and also an orange one. I put them in the ground and they keep giving more and more buds.



  • clattnowclattnow Posts: 86

    Hello Wakeshine,

        Thank you, my husband took the photograph he loves his photography. Yours look superb you are very green fingered there I hope mine does the same. 

  • We planted some of these lovely bright flowers in our veg patch about 20 years ago, and now they have taken over - beware they seed everywhere, although personally I don't mind as I like them, but they do sap the moisture meant for the vegetables when we water them.

  • clattnowclattnow Posts: 86

    Thanks should I remove it do you think?  It is at the edge of my other plants which I have.  I do not have any veg but I am growing cornflowers, wild poppies and a peony it does not seem to be doing any harm. Just you got me worried now.  I had some mint once and that took over I managed to remove it.

  • No, I would leave it clattnow - one can do no harm even if it multiplies.  We planted lots in the veg. patch and got lots more in return the following year - but one ..... I wouldn't get concerned, after all the flowers are so vivid that I think they make a lovely addition to a flower bed.

  • clattnowclattnow Posts: 86

    Thanks I will leave it then it has got one bud coming out of it but if it makes a nice addition then that is fine.  Yours sound lovely.  Just read it can keep the weeds down and the other plants bug free.  May I ask what kind of vegetables do you grow?  Do you sell your vegetables?  Do you eat them yourself? Sorry if too many questions.

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