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Caring for Salix Integra Flamingo in Winter

Can anyone please tell me how to care for a new Salix Integra Flamingo during winter I.e. shall I cover with fleece to protect from frost ?

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  • Nah, perfectly hardy. It'll lose its leaves at first frosts and you leave it alone all winter. Then, in mid-Feb you can prune it back to a few buds of the newest wood (i.e. quite hard) after which it will shoot out strongly with the lovely leaf colour for which it is grown. 


  • Firstlly thank you for your informative reply. I have read on various sites that they are pruned from end August onwards or simply when they loose their leaves - I am finding it all very confusing ? if i pruned in Feb as you say would'Nt I cut off the new buds ?

    For four years I had the most beauti Salix tree which grew to 9ft approx and sat happily in between my willow tree and forsythia then ealier this year (end April/beginning May) it started to blossom but we had extremely cold weather in Surrey and the most severe frost for ages which killed all the blossom emerging. We went on holiday and came back to find the Salix tree had died. I can only assume it was the weather conditions ! Hence my question and worry for the new Salix Flamingo Shrub I have just bought. However I did try and prune it as it was very bushy with branches crossing everywher.

    Sorry to have bothered you but I will definitely take note of your advice, they are such beautiful trees and shrubs. If you have advice on how to prune them would you be kind enough to tell me. Many thanks.

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  • That looks good under-planted with that lovely foliage.  Persicaria,isn't it?  You're right. Healthily grown Salix Hakuro-Nishiki will take a good tidy up. 


  • Thank you for the photograph of your Salix shrub, it looks lovely and healthy. I bought a Salix shrub this time and if I follow your instructions correctly I hope mine will look that good, I have put it in a large pot so I can put it against my patio wall in winter which is what I do with my hosta. Next year I will plant it in the garden in spring, I see yours is in the sun which, I think, gives them a beautiful pinkish colour. 

    Thank you so much for all your help.

  • Thank you Verden for this information. I bought 2 of these pretty trees last year and they have been beautiful all summer, some of the leaves on the new shoots have blown off leaving just a few pink leaves on the end of the branches. Should I trim these back in February/march to a new bud to shape the tree a bit?


  • Hello everyone!

    Hope you can help me. I'm pretty sure I have a Salix Integra Flamingo in my garden. It was already well established when we moved here 4 years ago. The previous owner kept it nicely shaped into a ball and I started to hedge trim/reshape every August (neighbours advice).

    The tree grew out of a patio'd back garden which we replaced with fake grass two years ago as we've got two kids under 5. I removed a couple of the lower branches as they were kid head height.

    Last July i had a dead patch, see photo :


    Which was such a shame as i watered regularly after the grass was put down. 

    I've now got another dead patch :


    Any ideas guys? I really don't want to lose it as it provides great shade for the kids.

    The tree has two main branches with one side this year growing quite nicely and the other looking a bit pathetic. I'm a bit weary of doing my annual trim as i don't want to damage it any further!


    Have some concerns about some branches have a white patchy stuff on them:


    Would appreciate any advice or help. Many thanks


  • Please can you advise me on my salix pink flamingo tree and the tall offshoots! Am I supposed to cut them off, and if so, when? image

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    I am guessing the trees are grafted onto a less decorative 'wilder' type of willow, and those shoots are coming from below where its been grafted on. Cut them right off, during winter would be a good time. And going forward, check for any new shoots coming from below the graft, and prune them off as soon as you see them.

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