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Mulching mowers

Has anyone got a mulching mower, and if so what are the advantages over a normal mower with a detachable grass box?  We have a petrol Ariens mower, which we bought new a few years back but had the option of a mulcher attachement.  At the moment we collect all our cuttings in the mower box at the time of mowing but have a huge heap of grass cuttings which we gradually add to the general compost heap.


  • IamweedyIamweedy Posts: 1,364

    Well for a brief moment there I wondered why on earth anyone wanted to mulch their mower.

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  • Thanks for your helpful comments Tetley - always interesting to read other people's views on expensive items before purchasing - we will certainly take your comments with us when the time comes to purchase a new mower. Mulching our mower - ha ha, now that would be silly lamweedy!! Incidentally, there are 6 gardens around here with largish lawns - 4 use petrol push along mowers and 2 have ride on mowers.

  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 53,924

    Sounds good Tetley - a big area of grass is always going to be a big job. Presumably you only take a little off which then works down nicely into the grass? 

    We had about an acre and a half at the last house, split into three main areas. The previous owners had a ride on but we used a petrol mower and my dad's trusty old rotary for it - it was all sloping apart from a section along the front, so we didn't fancy the ride on! Easier when there's two of you but it still took ages. The emptying of collection boxes was a pain - a mulching mower would have saved a lot of time. I used to cut one of the rougher areas with the rotary and not collect - it made a huge difference to the time spent.

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