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Water feature in Belfast sink?

hi all. I have an old (small) Belfast sink which I would like to turn into a water feature. I have no power to the end of the garden so I'm thinking a solar fountain over some local stones which I think will look good.  Two things though:-  will the solar fountain be completely useless (I'm only looking for a slight water movement not a huge plume!). And secondly should I worry about it freezing up and cracking the sink (it gets very cold up here in NE)?  Any advice welcomed. Thanks. FJ


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 35,074

    The solar fountain is dependent on sunlight and as we get towards the back end of the year this is in short supply. The only ones I have seen are quite big (structually) and may detract from the pretty appearance of your little water feature. I think Belfast sinks are quite sturdy and as long as you don't fill it right up to the top it should be ok. It may be possible to mount the solar panels at the overflow end of the sink - if its anything like I am imagining - and direct them towards the sunlight but I would only think about using it in the Summer. I think some solar fountain manufacturers advise dismantling and taking the fountain indoors during the Winter as these are more likely to be damaged by freezing than your sink is.

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  • Thanks for that advice. I will have a look at the solar fountains in the flesh and see how big they are. It would be so nice to have a water feature but there's no way to get power down the garden :(

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