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Similar to Lobelia cardinalis

turmericturmeric Posts: 825

Hello all, my mum had a Lobelia cardinalis in her garden which was demolished by slugs.  She's removed it and now needs to find a replacement plant.  I wanted to surprise her by sending her something in the post.  I thought Salvia 'Royal Bumble' might work as the slugs leave my salvias alone and the colours would have been similar, but it's too tall (75cm).  The lobelia was around 30cm so that sort of height would be ideal.  Any ideas?


  • SparklesJDSparklesJD Posts: 344

    The slugs (which have demolished many a plant in my garden this year) haven't touched my penstemons, I'm planning on planting more next year, although I was looking at salvias too, as they're on the RHS list of plants disdained by slugs :)


    Oh yes Penstemons, such lovely flowers and the bees love them.

     My only downfall is not cutting them back properly in late spring but that's just laziness, easily remedied and worth the effort.

  • turmericturmeric Posts: 825

    Thanks Verdun but Dark Towers is pink from what I can see online, I was looking for a dark red really.  But penstemon might be the way to go.  I shall look up deep red ones.  My mum obviously liked the lobelia so I was trying to match the colour.  I don't live nearby so I don't know what else she has around it so I'm a bit resistant to change her colour scheme.

  • babybiobabybio Posts: 2

    How about Lobelia tupa? It too is supposed to be prone to slug damage but despite having a garden full of the beasties earlier on in spring, it has been flowering since the end of June. Alternatively, you could just buy her another L cardinalis? - if my offspring put such care into finding a replacement  - whatever it was I would be very touched.

  • turmericturmeric Posts: 825

    Thanks for all the suggestions.  I'll take a look online and get something wonderful in the post this week. Many thanks, jandh

  • SparklesJDSparklesJD Posts: 344

    P. 'rich ruby' is lovely, as is 'raven' although that's more purple.

    She could try growing it in a pot and/or using copper tape to protect it from the sluggies?

  • IamweedyIamweedy Posts: 1,364
    The tall lobelias are just slug food I have tried all sorts of deterrents and nothing works. They are lovely plants 

    Penstemons are a solution. I  found a  penstemon at a plant sale , how I never saw them before I do not know but they are lovely . 

    Penstemmon or Penstemon. ??? I don't know. 

    'You must have some bread with it me duck!'

  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,366
    Lobelia Hadspen Purple is usually unaffected by slugs and tupa will soon out grow slugs damaging the leaves. 

    I have few lobelia in one bed Queen Vic which the slugs eat but barely touch tanna or tanna sister which is a few feet away. 
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