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Ideas needed for enthusiastic but novice gardener!

Hi all,

I would very much welcome suggestions on what plants I could use to convert these two ugly areas into something that will make me smile:). I live in Scotland so rain isn't in short supply!

The first picture shows a corner that is north/east facing, is pretty sheltered (apart from the westerly winds that come through the fence),well drained and is in full shade. The area is small, approx. 1m long and 0.5m in width. This corner is visible from the kitchen window so I would like to have plant(s) that give me a bit of colour throughout the year aswell as cover up the trellis. I had though of planting viburnum tinus for some winter/spring colour?


The second area is shown in the picture below. It is east facing, receives partial sun and is just over 1m long and 15 cm wide. It is also well drained. There is currently a raspberry, honeyscukle and clemetis plant present which could be removed. Again this area is visible from the kitchen. I would like something that is evergreen so the fence would be covered up.   


I very much look forward to hearing peoples ideas.



  • That first one is a bit tricky; If by "colourful" you mean flowering then I think that's somewhat antithetical to "full-shade".  If it's visible from the kitchen how about fixing/hanging some boxes to the trellis and growing herbs in them?  It might inspire you to something delicious of a wet and windy autumnal day!

    As for the second picture, perhaps you could grow an evergreen with nice foliage (griselinia, cotoneaster, callicarpa, viburnum dawn is also nice) and growing the honeysuckle through it?  I'd probably keep the raspberry as it sounds the most delicious!

  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,196

    Those are some great suggestions but be careful as some callicarpas are deciduous and Viburnum 'Dawn' is definitely deciduous.

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  • Ladybird is right of course, I wasn't very clear there as I tried to point out that I like Viburnum Dawn (provides the winter colour you desire but is not evergreen). Sorry!

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