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Magnolia tree trunk cracked

We have a magnolia tree in front of our house on the side walk surrounded by concrete. A truck hit it and cracked the bottom of the trunk of the tree in half. Roots are still attached to the ground on both side of the trunk. We are hoping we could save it. Would bolting it help? Any advice?


  • Strapping it together would be better rather any more damage to the inner tissue.  The rubber strapping used to secure trees to tree stakes is ideal for that sort of job.  How big's the tree, height and girth? 


  • Thank you so much for this great advice! The bottom of the trunk is about 14" wide. The tree is about 40-50" tall.


  • It seems the tree may be a little large to, what do you think?

  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    It was possible to use metal braces to hold such cracks in the past - I've seen it done on mature trees - but I don't know if that's possible with your tree. That would be a job for a tree specialist, I would imagine.

  • Invicta2Invicta2 Posts: 663

    Some tree genera are better at coping with damage to their trunks and especially the bark, for example Oaks. Magnolias often succumb when their bark is severly damaged.

  • I see! Thank you so much! I guess it's best I have someone come in and look at it  then! Thanx a million!

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