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More plants for identification please.imageimageimageimage

I know they are rose, buddleia, Monbrettia & lily, but do they have more specific names? The buddleia is exceptionally dark, far darker than the common one that grows like a weed here. Thank you.

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  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 35,832

    Does your blue rose open up any further? It looks like the floribunda rose 'Blue For You'. The Buddleja looks like 'Black Knight'. I have no idea about the Crocosmia or Lily

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  • Hi Ladybird, I am not sure if the rose open's up - it is in my daughter's garden so took the picture whilst I was there - I know that the Crocosmia isn't Lucifer but don't know any other names for them. We have orange, yellow and red lilies, but just showed this orange one this time. Thanks.

  • I am not a blue/purple fan, but the buddleia certainly is a striking colour and yes it does look very elegant.  The rose wouldn't be my choice, but the colour is fairly unusual. The Crocosmia is at the end of our driveway (you can see how many times the road has been dug up from the little clip - we are waiting for it to be resurfaced), and people driving by say how lovely it looks, it brightens up the roadway. The lilies are outside our home.

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