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My little blank canvas

Hi all,

This is my new little house and garden. The ground is rock hard at the moment with green stuff that certainly couldn't be labelled grass and it is quite a slope. I have hardly any money, hardly any time but love gardening and want to do what I can with this little plot. It is only a temporary residence (rented), I hope to have moved on to a permanent one by this time next year but I can't bear the thought of not doing anything to it, looking for ideas for winter/spring colour and something that will make it more welcoming. 

Please give me some inspiration (and encouragement) everything considered. imageimageimage





"To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul." — Alfred Austin


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,874

    Well if you are thinking about moving to a permanent residence why not consider some beautiful big pots that you can plant up and enjoy in your rented accommodation and then take with you when you move.

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  • AuntyRachAuntyRach Posts: 5,103

    Pots are a perfect idea. If you plant spring-flowering bulbs in Autumn (very economical) they can greet you after the winter. You could put some Autumn/winter bedding over the top of these eg. Cyclamen and seasonal pansies for a splash of colour. 

    If you have a tight budget you could ask around for spare pots and some plant donations - your friends and neighbours might surprise you. You may something ideal in a junk/second hand shop too - old crates, chimney tops, baskets etc. 

    My garden and I live in South Wales. 
  • star gaze lilystar gaze lily Posts: 17,267

    Hi DD,  agree pots/tubs/hanging baskets is a great idea. No digging the rock hard soil and you can take them with you so saving money when you move on to your permanent home. Best wishes to you and Charlie xx

  • star gaze lilystar gaze lily Posts: 17,267

    DD would you be able to take any of your plants from the B&B garden with you. Is your OH staying on for awhile? Maybe you could gradually take plants/cuttings at the right time. xx

  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,622

    Thats NOT a little house, agree with everyone else pots, you can take with you.  I had a similar situation,some years back, long story short, -( got divorced ex dissapeared  house re-possessed,made homeless, small kids,given local authority house, that was being demolished) I still made it look nice, for the year I was there, I had managed to take a few things from my previous garden,a bit of cheap summer bedding.  Nice pots with autumn bulbs, that can be over planted next year.

  • Thank you all for the suggestions, pots seem to be the way to go and 2nd hand containers from car boots etc. a really good idea. It is a small house, only half of it is mine and there is only one floor but you know what, it is a safe haven for me and Charlie and I am eternally grateful for the help I have received in securing it. 

    Nanny Beach, your story is inspiring, I am at a very low point and am extremely sad to be leaving behind what was my dream house and garden, but you  (and many others on here) have given me hope and much needed encouragement - it will be fine in the end. 

    I am working all hours at the moment so am struggling to find time to post, but it lovely to see your responses and even though I am exhausted and close to tears a lot of the time I am trying to imagine a pretty spring display of bulbs full of promise and hope. 

    Thank you all. image

    "To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul." — Alfred Austin
  • Joyce21Joyce21 Posts: 15,489

    DD - -pots and maybe a couple of small raised beds for veg which could be dismantled when you move. One for you and one for Charlie.Best wishes.

    SW Scotland
  • Thank you so much Verdun, nice to see you again too. Kind words, encouragement and inspiration included too. Thank-you. image

    "To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul." — Alfred Austin
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,622

    I am glad to be of some help, my ex, actually tried to kill me, then dissappeared leaving me lots of debts, my Boss sacked me the day after he was arrested,saying they didnt want the embarrasement when it got into the papers!hence loosing the house, 3 small kids (confused) a year in emergency accomodation, (albeit the house they were demolishing) Then new man,new baby (old house!) Start again, 2 mortgages,past middle age, working 60 hours a week (nearly put years! felt like it sometimes!)  My late Mum used to use the old "what doesnt kill you,makes you stronger.  The house is now a petrol station and Co-op, I pass it on the way to my Daughters house, have pointed it out to her, and her kids.  A bit of a soft spot for it! Unfortunately,my Mum died just before this all happened, my Father wouldnt help me, Oh, well, everything I have done was by ME,  It did make me strong, we were mortgage free in 3 years, albeit,we moved into a completely unmodernised house, I couldnt keep working night shift followed often by day shift, it was too much. Finnished the house, moved to another that needed everything doing, doing 100 mile round trip to work,gave my notice to retire (although I was still going to work,localliy,) the following week,OH, called into office by boss told company had liquiated there and then,recidented retirement,carried on there for the next 4 years, he was out of work a year,but it took time to get back on our feet,finnally retired October, still here, still smiling!!!

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