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Spots on potatoes?

Hi  I've  grew potatoes in a grow bag, and when I've  lifted them they have wart like spots throughout. Not sure what it is but I'm assuming the crop needs to be destroyed? Tried looking on the net but not sure?  However I'm wondering if the soil is now infected and I should get rid or if I can grow again? Any help would be appreciated. 


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,581

    Sounds like scab. It doesn't harm the potato. Just peel it and use as normal. Too much lime can cause it. Don't lime before you plant potatoes.  Potatoes should not be planted in the same soil year after year. If growing in a bag, use new compost. Scab is also more common when the bags have been allowed to get too dry. Potatoes in bags need frequent watering.

  • That's probably why then, grew potatoes last year and they turned out fine but I havent changed the compost. Thanks for your help. 

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    Finally managed to upload a picture.

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,581

    I would peel them.

     I don't peel new potatoes with rubbable skins, old potatoes I do.

  • That's great, thanks very much.

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