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Thinning trachelospermum

adamadamantadamadamant Posts: 264

Thinking ahead to next year - I have a dark corner of the garden which I originally designated as a 'woodland' garden.  It is bound at the back by a trellis, and I have realised that the trachelospermum which is growing on that trellis is now so dense that it allows no light through, and my woodland garden is now too dark, which would explain its gloom and lack of growth.  I would like to either thin the Trachelospermum ahead of next summer so that I can have at least some dappled light coming through the trellis, or else take it out completely and plant something that will not be so vigorous and dense.  Can anyone tell me if I can effectively thin it out, and if that is not practical, what else can I plant which I could manage a bit more effectively.  The trellis hides the compost bin so I do need something growing there, but I could probably get away with annuals if all else fails.  Thanks to anyone with any thoughts!


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