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Can you identify my mystery plant?


Can you please help me identify this plant?

I bought it at a store similar to Home Depot in a section with lots of different succulents and cacti. Unfortunately I forgot to ask anyone who worked there if they knew what the name of this plant was so now I don't how to take care of it or how often I need to water it!


  • I don't recognise it, but it looks like some kind of euphorbia. If it is then you should treat it like a cactus.

  • I discovered this plant is called euphorbia cedrorum. However, I cannot figure out how often I need to water it!

  • In Spring and Summer water it when dry, and no more than once a week. Do not water it at all in Autumn and Winter. Feed with low nitrogen fertiliser. Tomato fertiliser at 1/4 strength is ok.

  • It's amazing!

    I wish I could identify my succulent...any ideas Alan?



    The succulent might be a form of Crassula. There are dozens of types !

  • I agree that it looks like a Crassula of some sort.

  • Crassula.

    Thanks both!

    Really appreciate it.

  • Just found this - looks very similar to mine:

    Crassula schimperi ssp. schimperi  Gilbert 2000 
    Syn. Tillaea pentandra  Royle 1846
    Crassula schimperi grows as a sprawling mat of succulent green stems with lanceolate leaves. The stems become brown and woody with age.


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