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Exchordia "The Bride" where to plant it?

Lucky68Lucky68 Posts: 10

I have just bought an exchordia "The Bride" as it has lovely white flowers but I am unsure where to put it in terms of future growth.  Would it be best to plant it somewhere where it ccan grow up and out or can you prune it to maintain a desired low height or short width?


  • Exochorda.  Best left to grow almost unchecked, apart from taking out the old flowered growth when it finishes, as it makes a medium sized shrub of lax habit, up to about 4 or 5ft tall and nearly that across. A real treasure for mid-spring flower.  If you want to expand the collection and need something a bit taller, consider exochorda serratifolia 'Snow White'. 


  • Sorry, where to plant it, sun/semi-shade, any soil apart from somewhere waterlogged. I've kept it successfully on chalk or clay. 


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,346

    I had one yrs ago - not sure where it's gone...

    It is a beautiful shrub when in flower, but the flowering period is not long - about 4-6 weeks, then it looked quite boring for the rest of the year. 
    I found it grew quickly and did need to be kept under control.

    I'm sure someone will be along soon to offer some useful advice, like when to prune it, so you don't loose the next years flowers.

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  • Lucky68Lucky68 Posts: 10

    thank you Pete8

  • Lucky68Lucky68 Posts: 10

    Hi Hortum-cretae, I would quite like it not to grow quite so tall, so if I prune it will it be happy at under 4ft do you think?

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