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Unexpected advice re fuchsias

BerkleyBerkley Posts: 428

I always feed my fuchsias with a high-potash/tomato type fertiliser to encourage flowering. But I have read several articles recently where this is not recommended - and a general purpose feed suggested. Why is this? What do other people do?


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,854

    I just pot mine up in baskets or pots or troughs using a good quality compost with food for 100 days and then keep them out of full sun and make sure they are watered regularly.   If they stay in the same pot or trough for another season, I top dress with pelleted chicken manure and occasionally add tomato feed to the water.   Works for me.

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  • Stevo4Stevo4 Posts: 109

    Potash is incredibly good for enhancing flower and fruit development but no help with good root and foliage growth.

  • katemorgankatemorgan Posts: 23

    Gosh, I never give mine anything  image

  • BerkleyBerkley Posts: 428

    I agree, Verdun ...... I think I was just concerned that the advice maybe meant there was something wrong with potash feeds for fuchsias....... Thanks everyone.

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