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hi there, wonder if anyone can help. trying to improve the lawn. Put grass seed down as there are bare patchs. firstly as you can see from first pic some areas are growing whilst others though not bare are not. very odd. I have also noticed in a couple of areas the soil has cracks in it despite it being watered regularly. any ideas on an action plan to get an even lush lawn. ??


  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 Posts: 5,150

    The cracks in your soil indicate it may be clay (dries rock hard in the summer).  Did you scratch the surface before you scattered the seed on the bare patches?

    If the bare bits aren't that large I would just crack on with mowing the lawn, this will encourage side shoots which could eventually fill in the gaps. 

    In the Autumn get the fork out and aerate the lawn by spiking holes all over and brush in a top dressing of compost/grit mix. This will help with drainage and get air to the roots.

    I'm no expert, just offering advice based on what I would do. image

  • filmbuffyfilmbuffy Posts: 77

    hiya, yes i raked the seeds into the bare patches. these seemed softer though. theres just the one area with the cracked soil at the top end of garden. 

    i mow weekly though my mower only has a 2cm or a 4cm choice for length. and i have read that idea mowing height for durable lawn is 2.5cm. so ive been using the 2cm setting. wondering if thats too low as it reveals the patches much more. 

    also anyone have an idea why some parts arent growing. as you can see in the pic these arent bare and have lawn. just its a lot lighter and stays short. i might try a fertiliser on it and see if that helps. ??

  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,776

    I would raise the mowing height to 4cm - give any germinating seeds a chance. Don't use any fertiliser yet. Let the new seeds establish.

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  • Tall treesTall trees Posts: 175

    High cut no fertiliser is my advise just like the other comment, have you a dog by any chance, it seems like your grass is growing thick in patches 

  • filmbuffyfilmbuffy Posts: 77

    Dog yes though not allowed to go on that area. Patches  could be because kp putting seed down??

  • Tall treesTall trees Posts: 175

    It's the nitrogen in the new seed, in gardens that have dogs you'll see areas where grass grows more vigorous because of the dogs using it.  

  • filmbuffyfilmbuffy Posts: 77

    sorry why would it grow more vigorously?? in my experience. grass stops growing when dogs use it as they kill it off with wee

  • Tall treesTall trees Posts: 175

    Your correct it does burn the lawn, but you'll find around the burnt areas thick dark green areas of grass, I believe I read it nitrates in the urine, I cut a lot of grass areas, where ever the dogs a let out the grass grows twice as long and thick, e.g. Front garden no dogs allowed great to mow, back garden dog area, it's a nightmar.    

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