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Panicum virgatum

Hi - I bought quite a few Panicum plants late last summer and some more early this spring.  None have really exhibited much growth and all have been very disappointing.   I live in North East Scotland 2 to 3 miles from coast.  Is it likely to be due to it not being warm enough where I live to generate the growth needed.   They have been spread over various points in the garden so not due to any individual soil characteristics In a particular location.  i also bought some pennisetums of various types and these have been mixed - red buttons good, fairy tails and Hameln lacking growth. Cheers.


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    The Pennisetums, in particular, may not be ideal for your climate.

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  • Thanks, I've recently taken the ones that were not in the warmest spot and put them in pots in all day sun - will see how it goes.  I've left the rest in the beds for now as they get sun most of the day.    Maybe I'll get a greenhouse and grow them in pots?  Presumably if they have grown poorly this year due to lack of heat but I put them in a greenhouse over winter and into next summer then they can still come back to full growth ? Cheers.

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