Sack trolley garden trolley

Im struggling to move garden compost bags in the wheelbarrow (the initial lift over the edge), so i am thinking a sack trolley? Also have a heavy sink and some boulders to move, so something heavy duty, but not sure about these ones that convert to upright or flat? 

Any recommendations for product please?


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    Sorry meant to say, my search facility is not working, so apologies if this has already been covered. 

  • I've got a Hammerlin 924P (just gone to look at it, I didn't remember that, not that sad!). It's got good sized wheels, solid tyres and is strong - carries 200kg I think. Certainly been fine for all I've wanted it for in the garden centre.  If you want pneumatic tyres they're a comfier ride, but prone to getting punctures and then they're a pain!


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    I bought a convertable one in BnQ years ago and it's been great. Like everything else you get what you pay for so go for a mid range, slightly heavier duty job as the wee gitchy ones will buckle under not very much weight. I tend to go for the heaviest thing I can lift easily as generally these things end up in the back of my car to help at someone else's house. image Rule of thumb, if I can lift it in one hand it's too light, if my face turns purple, it's too heavy. image

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    I have one very similar to the above but with solid tyres. Does the job. Also have a convertible one which I never use.

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    I've got one made by Black & Decker. Converts from sack truck to trolley. Had mine years but don't know if it's still available.

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    Really useful thanks.  Im going mid range, high max weight, but not one that converts.  Its probably my own prejudice but i prefer something to do one job well, not 2 jobs adequately. 

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