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Weeds in new!!!

Hi all,

Recently bought a house so have now entered into the world of gardening but I am having some difficulty. 

Just had a new lawn laid just over 2 weeks ago....before this it was just mud with weeds (new build). The grass has been watered and looks as if it is bedding in well BUT we have weeds! 

How can I rid of them? I know that potential weed killers might harm the new grass...I've also seen the weed puller tools but again...holes in the new lawn?

Can someone please help :)


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    You don't weed and feed a new lawn for 12 months. It takes that long for a new lawn to bed in and form the root systems necessary to cope with a weed and feed. You're on a new build and that's a potential problem for a lawn anyway. Let it settle first, keep it well watered and cut on a high cut in about 2 weeks. Turf will often contain weeds, so don't panic. You won't get a picture perfect lawn in two weeks unless you pay premium prices for turf and you get perfect growing conditions. Even then it'll take six to eight weeks before it'll look half way decent and natural. Mowing will keep weeds in check till you can apply a weed and feed. I just hope you won't one of the people who are unlucky enough to experience problems with lawns laid by developers and builders.

  • aloualou Posts: 2

    Thanks for the replies. The front lawn was done by the developers but the back one we had done privately but its coming along nicely....the weeds are from the mud patch before we laid the new turf...a pain but hey ho.

  • Jim7Jim7 Posts: 9

    You can get a weed killer spray called Verdone that will kill the weeds and does not harm the lawn.I have some myself and have used it many times.

  • Tall treesTall trees Posts: 175

    Has Dave as already mentioned do not use weed and feed till next season, plus I wouldn't use a spot treatment, it sounds a pain but I'd pull the weeds out by hand, it sounds like the ground wasn't treated, e.g weeds sprayed off before the new lawn was laid, I think it's the old weeds coming up into the new turf, laying a new lawn in peak summer is not the best I would wait till November through to March, but I understand that's not always practical. 

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