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Gunnera problems


I have a (newish) potted Gunnera Manicata that was doing well, until I went away for 10 days, which coincided with UK getting a hot spell. I left an irrigation system running, but when I returned I seem to have a mixture of problems: one of the leaves seems to have wilted and collapsed (would usually suspect drying out), mushrooms are growing in the compost (too damp?) and one of the flower stems has rotted/softened/turned black and soggy (again, too much moisture?). The medium should have good drainage, no saucer under the pot, and the regular watering always seems to pass through enoug. I'm a bit confused at this point, not only because I didnt think it would be possible to overwater a container Gunnera, but also because of the seemingly incongruous symptoms.

Can anyone help confirm what I am describing? I will try and attach some pics if I can work out how...


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  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,166

    How big is the pot? These are large plants so maybe that could be part of the problem. They like to be in a moist soil all the time. Could it possibly be planted too deep? That could expain the rotting off.

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  • jez2jez2 Posts: 4

    Hi, the pot is 146l.

    I was wondering the same, as I have recently raised the top soil level (because I hadn't initially filled it to the same level it came potted up to).

    Also, there are other flowers that seem fine at the moment. There's still plenty of the straggly bits poking out the top of the Crown (if that makes sense!).

    I need to work out how to get pics on,  but suspect I need to do that from a pc browser (just posting  this from a phone at the moment).

    Thanks for the quick response! 

  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,166

    I think that maybe what has happened then. If parts of it are still ok then I wouldn't worry too much at the moment.

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