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Inspiration needed!

We are just about to move into a new house and I am really struggling to think of what to do with the garden! It's quite small and at the moment it's mostly just paved with a soil area used to house rabbits! I am going to use some of this soil area as a veg patch (not all as I also want to make the most of the small space!). My only other thoughts are to repaint the fence and get lots of pots/climbers/hanging baskets in to plant in. But I've also debated raised beds and possibly a small water feature! Any suggestions would be helpful! image


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,777

    Hi becki. It looks as if it maybe a suntrap? I would definitely go for raised beds and I would use them as the veggie plots and plant up the bunny run with a permanent bedding plan. The one draw back is the manhole cover which would be needed for emergency access but you could camouflage it with a raised bed on wheels which could be shifted out of the way if necessary. This item was shown on one of the garden makeover programmes (think it was the Charlie Dimmock one). The mobile bed could be planted up with flowers too. Is the wall on the right part of the kitchen wall at all?

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  • Hi no the only wall is the bit shown in the picture unfortunately! Movable raised beds is a great idea! 

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    Where your patio set is placed is that the kitchen window? What is the big wall part of? All I'm thinking is that if there was an electrical socket on the inside of either of those areas then you could get an electrician to fit you an outside socket (or run direct from the inside) to run a water feature that hangs on the wall.

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    Yes, use the walls if you do not have a large plot, climb plants up them, pots attached to them.Look on the fruit and veg thread on here, there are a huge amount you can grow in pots, maybe on top of the smaller wall, need to keep them away from the bunnies!!!

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