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Laying new turf

I'm a very inexperienced gardener that has just moved into a new home with a HUGE neglected garden.

the garden itself is around 900 square meters and was wildly overgrown. 

We have cut it back but we have been left with very weedy grass (that really doesn't look like grass when you're close up) loads of rocks and bricks, larger weeds and a beautiful magnolia tree.

we're really keen to make something of it over the next few years but really don't know where to start. We've finished renovating the house so are left with a rather limited budget.

we thought of a couple of options such as removing all of the grass and weeds, levelling and laying fence to fence turf. We also are considering dividing the garden up into 2 and laying turf at the top and seeding the bottom to keep the costs down. 

neither my husband or i know the first thing about gardening so could you offer any advice about where we should start or the order in which we should do things. If new turf is being laid, what do we need ensure is done by the Gardner to ensure the weeds don't invade it again?

any advice greatfully received!


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    Here are some pictures but the garden has grown again since we cut it back!

  • Agree with Doghouse riley, do it in stages. This way you can enjoy each stage when completed and get a sense of achievement. Try to do it all at once and the fun side of it goes(have to enjoy yourself while doing these things). I would say that do any fence repair work first including staining then you can set about improving the rest. Have a garden clearing party with friends and relatives. Get a BBQ going and round up some help with removing the rubbish into one area that will allow you time to shift it to the local  tip at a time that suits you . You have a lovely area that you can really be artistic with. I would say that you could part lawn and have a patio at the end of the garden. You might want to go down the route of a low maintenance garden which will allow you time to follow other pusuits without having to worry too much about the garden. No matter which option you take regarding a lawn, weeds will always come back. Birds have a habit of dropping all sorts of seeds but with regular feed and weed treatments this can be controlled.

    Enjoy your garden it is nice to spend time outdoors


    Jolly Gary

  • Thank you both for your advice. We've decided to take our time and start at the top As you both suggested. I have a designer coming over to help with inspiration! 

  • Tall treesTall trees Posts: 173

    Get rid of all the bricks and rubbish, then do a spraying program to get  of weeds,, you've got a lovely garden to split up into rooms, work out where you want any hard landscaping e.g patio deck pond and footpaths, I'd go for curved pathways or even round inter locking lawns,, your landscaper will have plenty of ideas.

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