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Poor Grass Coverage

Hi, over the last couple of years my lawn has been getting progressively worse, with moss, patchy and poor coverage. I laid the lawn myself some 8 years ago.

Given the photo, could someone recommended whether I should just get someone in to re-turf or I put some effort into raking it, new soil / compost, fertiliser and seed?

Recommendations welcome. 



  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,211

    I really do not think that you should re-lay any new turf. Firstly I would use a moss killer if it is needed and after that has done its work I would scarify the lawn to rake out all the 'thatch'. I think you can hire these if you don't have one yourself. Then I would use a hollow tine fork (the ones that take out little plugs of soil) and top dress with some horticultural sand. Brush this in all over the lawn. Any bare patches could have seed sprinkled on and watered in. If you do re-seed then I wouldn't fertilise just yet. Let the grass grow first.  At this time of year if you were thinking of feeding the lawn I would tend towards an Autumn grass feed. I know it is a bit early for Autumn but you don't really want to produce a growth spurt after that treatment. I'm sure that there are people who knowm more than I do about perfect lawns and they will add their advice too.

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