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A question and some identifying.  I have grown Bishop of Llandaff (first picture)this year for the first time - the flowers are great and the plants are healthy. I have also grown some Ball Fusion (second) - the leaves are a mess of nibbles and one of the plants keeled over and had very few flowers even though the plant was supported. Are some types of Dahlia leaves more susceptible to being eaten than others. Also could anyone name the Dahlias in pictures three and four for me please?imageimageimageimage

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    leaves being nibbled could be a few things, but the collapse linked to nibbled leaves is pointing me toward vine weevil damage - collapse due to grubs, nibbling due to the adults

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    I could be wrong but I think the white one is Dahlia Tu tu.

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    Snails have been swaying in the wind on one particular Dahlia of mine. Look out for black fly.i've had them one Dahlia this weekend. Very satisfying it was listening to them pop has i ran my fingers through them.

    The national Dahlia collection may be able to help. Search by  colour and it may come up witb the answer your looking for.

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    I think you are right soulboy - I have just googled TuTu and the image seems to fit with my picture - thanks. Why is that Verdun - there is truth in what you have said - and I wonder why? I am not sure that I will plant Ball Fusion again, the plants do look quite messy although the flowers are wonderful, perhaps I should put other plants in the pot too, so that I can "hide" slug pellets among the leaves to prevent the dahlias from being attacked. Yes the blackfly are there too musher - all in all I think the slugs and snails have had a wonderful feast in my garden this year although it is payback time now as we have had no substantial rain for a few weeks - hence no big slimy slugs to eat my plants!

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    Hello Guernsey Donkey2. Beautiful Dahlias. I am still waiting for my Bishop of Dahlia to blossom. Mine got quite chewed up at the beginning of it's growth but it is alright now.

    I think I have the one in your last photo! Here is a photo I took of mine:


    My packet just said 'unwin mix'. Unwins are dwarf varieties I think. But I did a bit of searching for collarette dahlias and I think it is dahlia Becky or dahlietta Becky or 'Surprise Becky'. Have a look on google - what do you think?

    Peter Nyssen has more of these in different and interesting colours: Mary Evelyn, Night Butterfly and Dahlia Pooh. I have Dahlia Pooh as well, which was also in that random unwin mix bag. I also have one in the reverse colours of Dahlia Pooh!!

    Your third dahlia could also be 'My Love'.

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    Actually just looked again at the Peter Nyssen photos and mine might be Mary Evelyn!! But I think yours is definitely the Becky one, which isn't on Peter Nyssen but have a look.

    Also I meant to say 'My Love' is a very old dahlia and it's one we had in our old house when I was growing up. It used to come up every year. That's why I thought I recognised it. Have a look, it is there in Cactus dahlias on Peter Nyssen also...

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    Thanks for looking at the dahlia names Wakeshine. I think you may be right with the large white flower being My Love, but I am not so sure with the dwarf one - your lovely Becky is a red colour whereas the dahlia in my picture is more mauve/purple. However I think you little dahlia is lovely, and you certainly got some pretty varieties in your unwins selection. They make a big impact on the garden don't they.

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    Hi Guernsey Donkey2 - I feel it's the other way around - have a look at google images of Dahlia Becky or Dahlietta Surprise Becky! It's definitely more purplish. Whereas mine is the more reddish one which may be Mary Evelyn. I think I got it wrong when I said I thought mine was Becky, but I do think yours is.

    Thank you, yes I do love the collarette dahlias, they are very cute and beautiful. My favourite one in a pom pom mix I bought were these:


    I don't know what they're called, but they're a lovely ruby colour, and different colour shades in the sun...I have decided next year I am only going to buy purple dahlias as they just add something special to the garden. I have lots of yellow but they don't look as special as these..

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    Yes, that Dahlia Becky seems to match my picture Wakeshine - thanks - and what a statement those purple/red pom pom Dahlias make in the garden. I am not really a purple fan, but red - well I love red in the garden as it compliments the green foliage so well. Both our daughters love purple, so I try to add a splash of that colour for their sake. Not a huge fan of either yellow or orange, although I find that those colours creep into my displays.

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