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Hi guys hope u can help me  my garden was over run with doc leaves  I have used a  cutler story on it and was going to try and take all the roots and other bits out but believe this could have been a big mistake on my part after reading a few things on the internet is there any thing I can put down now to kill off any existing roots or is it just best to keep going over it and try and get them all out or to leave it and wait for them to start to grow back and use some thing like GALLUP 360 to kill them off then re cultivate it again 


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    i'm sure everyone is wondering what a cutler story is? possibly a spellchecked cultivator?

    anyway unless you want to spend your time digging out all the dock roots, then spraying is the way to go, give the full thing a spray then go back two weeks later and kill any regrowth.

    or you could do a Charles Dowding and use a no dig method -

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    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
    If you live in Derbyshire, as I do.
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    He appeared briefly on a thread this morning. I saw his answer to an ID. Hopefully he's on his way back.

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    Hi Rich

    I agree with the advice to allow the docks to start growing again and, when there is quite a bit of foliage, spray with a glyphosphate based weedkiller. A decent garden centre should be able to help you pick the best product for the job. 

    After spraying you will need to leave the weeds for a couple of weeks. Glyphosphate is a systemic product which is absorbed through the leaves and works it's way down to kill the root. This takes time - maybe as much as 4 weeks. If the weeds are old and well established with very long tap roots you may only weaken the plant with the first application. So spray and leave any regrowth as necessary.

    Docks are a pain but there are far worse weeds to deal with. If any of them have seed heads on nip those off and burn - or otherwise permanently dispose of them (do not compost)

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